First Time Visitors

We offer many options whether you've never been on a rope before or you're looking for a new place to train.

First Time Climbing? Start Here

  1. Introduction to Climbing: This 1-Hour class will teach you how to tie in to the rope as a climber, top rope belay using a GriGri, use climbing commands and perform checks to minimize risk while climbing. After completing this course, you will be able to climb independently at Sender One.  This class includes a day pass and rental gear. Students must be at least 14 years of age to take the class.  Reservations Required.
  2. Foundations I: This three class series teaches participants fundamental climbing techniques, problem solving skills, and mental strategies.  Top Rope Belay Card required.

Children 13 & Under? Start Here.

  1. Sender City: Join an hour long session in our interactive climbing area where you will climb various themed walls, jump off towers, and race your friends to the top! The friendly staff will be there to assist you during the whole hour and clip you in and out of the auto-belays. Reservations required.
  2. Kids Climb: Get a taste of rock climbing! One of our experienced coaches will get you on ropes and belay you in this hour long session. It’s perfect for all ages, and no experience is necessary. All equipment is included. Reservations required.

New to Sender One? 5-Visit Punch Pass with Rentals

  • This is only available to purchase on the day of your first visit or after your first Intro to Climbing class
  • Expires 60 days from purchase date
  • Non-transferrable and non-refundable
  • Sign up for a monthly EFT membership for $0 initiation
  • 1st time visitors only. Limit 1 per person

What if I already know how to belay?

  • Ask our staff to give you a belay check when you arrive.
  • The belay check will require you to correctly tie in as the climber and to operate a Petzl GriGri 2 belay device.
  • If you are proficient belaying with a device other than a GriGri, our staff can give you a quick tutorial on operating a GriGri.
  • A Petzl GriGri2 is attached to every top rope at Sender One, so proficient belaying with a GriGri is required. Sender One also requires that all climbers tie in with a figure-8 follow-through knot backed up with a double overhand knot (sometimes referred to as a fisherman’s knot or double fisherman’s knot).

What if I want to lead climb?

  • If you are a proficient lead climber or already lead climb at a different gym, we still require you to first have a Sender One belay card and then to take a lead test.
  • You will need your own 35 meter rope, belay device and a partner who already has their lead card or is testing as well.
  • During the lead test you’ll be required to climb a 5.10a, and take a fall.  We will watch your clipping, footwork and make sure that you demonstrate safe and proper techniques while belaying and catching your partner.
  • If you haven’t lead climbed before but would like to learn, we encourage taking an Introduction to Lead Climbing Class. Sender One does not have lead ropes available for rent, but you may purchase one from our retail shop

Need help finding a climbing partner?

There are a few ways to find a climbing partner at Sender One.

  • Upon your arrival, let our front desk staff know and we can assist you in finding a partner for your session.
  • Join our Facebook Sender One Community page and post an inquiry.
  • Attend a Monday Night Meet-Up where people can find other individuals to climb with and get free prizes and gear! Monday Night Meet-Ups occur twice a month and are free with standard admission by Day Pass, Punch Card, or Membership. Check out our events page for the next one!

Online Waiver

Everyone who enters the facility must fill out an online waiver.  Click here to fill out the waiver and save time at check-in.

Online Waiver


Sender One Climbing, Orange County
1441 S. Village Way
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Climbing Gym
Mon – Fri : 6am to 11pm
Sat : 8am to 10pm
Sun : 8am to 8pm

Sender City (formerly known as Funtopia)
Daily : 10am to 6pm


Sender One & Sender City
(714) 881-3456

Special Events
(714) 752-3452
(Events Line Hours: 10 am - 4 pm, M-F)

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