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First Time Visitors

We offer many options whether you've never been on a rope before or you're looking for a new place to train.
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First Time Climbers (Ages 14+)


This 1-Hour class will teach you how to tie in to the rope as a climber, top rope belay using a GriGri, use climbing commands and perform checks to minimize risk while climbing. After completing this course, you will be able to climb independently at Sender One.  This class includes a day pass and rental gear. Students must be at least 14 years of age to take the class.  Reservations Required.



  • Only available for purchase on the day of your first visit or after your first Intro to Climbing class
  • Expires 60 days from purchase date
  • Waives $59 EFT membership initiation fee
  • Non-transferrable, non-refundable

experienced climbers


Everyone MUST have a Sender One Top Rope Belay Card visible on their harness whenever they are belaying. Top Rope Belay Check Requirements:

  • Correctly tie in with a figure-8 follow-through knot backed up with a double overhand knot (sometimes referred to as a fisherman’s knot or double fisherman’s knot)
  • Correctly operate a Petzl GRIGRI 2 belay device.
  • Sender One requires use of the PBUS (pull, brake, under, slide) style of belaying


Everyone MUST have a Sender One Lead Belay Card visible on their harness whenever they are lead climbing or lead belaying. Lead Climbing and Belay Requirements:

  • Rope at least 45 meters long
  • Belay device: Gri-Gri or Tube style (ATC) only. No other devices allowed
  • During the lead test, participants will be required to climb a 5.10a, take a fall, and demonstrate proper lead climbing and belaying techniques
  • Sender One requires use of the PBUS (pull, brake, under, slide) style of belaying


Need a belay partner or climbing buddy?

  • Join our Monday Night Meetup every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm
  • Join our Facebook Community Page to coordinate sessions with other climbers
  • Sign up at the gym on our Community Board Belay Buddy Finder

Families Climbing Together


Introduce the whole family to climbing.  Our instructors will teach adults (14 years +) the basic skills and techniques needed to start top rope climbing with your family.

After completing this course, adults will be able to climb independently and belay their kids at Sender One.  This class includes a day pass and rental gear for everyone.

Kids under 14 years of age will NOT be taught how to belay.  One responsible adult MUST accompany each child under the age of 14.

Minimum 1 adult and 1 child under 14 years old.  Max 6 people per class.

$19 per person

*Classes is subject to instructor availability and must be scheduled 7 days in advance.  However, we will try our best to accommodate you earlier! This class does not include admission to Sender City, to book a Sender City session, please click here.  Our instructors will teach YOU how to belay your kids.  If you would like our instructors to belay your kids, sign up for a kids climb session or private belay session.

activities for kids

Sender City

Join an hour long session in our interactive climbing area where you will climb various themed walls, jump off towers, and race your friends to the top!

Kids Climb

Get a taste of rock climbing! One of our experienced coaches will get your little crusher geared up on ropes and belay them in this hour-long session.


Spend a day or week of fun in our climbing camps and experience a variety of activities including slacklining, zip lining, climbing, Sender City, and more!

Climbing Academy

Learn the fundamentals of rock climbing from our industry-leading coaches in this 4 week course that includes bouldering, roped climbing, and technique.

Online Waiver

Everyone who enters the facility must fill out an online waiver.  Click here to fill out the waiver and save time at check-in.


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